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Between Worlds

September 14th 2009 in Project

American Indian inspired soundscapes taken to a deeper level Between Worlds is a dynamic and daring collaboration between widely respected ambient electronic recording artists Deborah Martin and Erik Wøllo. This album is a profound experience that delivers from the first track to the last, teleporting the listener to a place, or more succinctly, a ceremonial […]

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Anno Domini

April 10th 2007

Two artists known for their mastery of subtlety and the essence of understatement come together to create a haunting work that blurs the line lying somewhere between darkness and light; between apprehension and calm. Ambient textures of synth and guitar set the stage while occasionally haunting and beautiful Latin vocal phrases act as a beacon […]

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May 4th 2004

Musical Sojourn To The Land Above The Clouds “In 1999 we took a trip to Tibet to experience, first hand, the majesty, beauty and spirit of the “Land above the clouds” Our hope is that these “musical impressions” will take you, the listener, on the same journey that we experienced.” – Deborah Martin & Cheryl […]

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May 7th 2002

Convergence is an imaginative collaboration by three of Spotted Peccary’s best known artists. With its impressive array of acoustic percussion and melodic instruments combined with lush atmospheres, it is a virtual gallery of sound sculptures which reveals the spirit of many diverse cultural influences. These merged styles yield inspired melodies, textures, and space.

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Deep Roots, Hidden Water

May 10th 1999

Pondering the paths of how we exist, Deborah Martin explores the lingering legacy of the ancients – the imprint of footsteps throughout the ages and the contemplation of the past and present together as one.

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Ancient Power

October 9th 1998
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Under the Moon

October 10th 1995
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Tracks in Time

April 7th 1994

Deborah joined Spotted Peccary Music in 1991, with musical contributions on the album “Tracks in Time.” Deborah states, “I wanted to combine visual elements of places, people and events of long ago with sound.” Her three compositions, “Tracks In Time,” “Watercolors,” and “Forgot In Stone” did just that and much more.

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