Whether collaborating with other artists or working on her own projects, Deborah Martin always inspires listeners with her graceful musical journeys through the past and present.

This name-your-price offering  at bandcamp brings together an exceptional collection of Deborah Martin tracks – one from each of her nine Spotted Peccary releases – and spotlights Deborah’s unique way of blending ceremonial, classical, electronic, and ambient elements into intuitively-crafted compositions.

With a vivid imagination and a deep love of the past, Deborah’s music conjures the spirit of historic places and people, and a common theme that runs through her work is one of antiquity. As a result, many of the soundscapes she creates are steeped in the sonic spiritual energy of Native American, Tibetan, or Medieval European atmospheres.

Often powerfully deep, and occasionally playful and carefree, Deborah’s music is always rich and simply beautiful, offering crystal clear visions and magically compelling voyages through an inner realm of serenity and grace.

From her early contributions to the 1994 multi-artist compilation “Tracks In Time”, to the captivating musical odyssey of her 2015 album “Eye Of The Wizard”, this collection of tracks offers a glimpse into Deborah’s dream songs; an elegant mix of ethereal visions, ancestral legends, and timeless places.

Spotted Peccary’s “Selections” series of albums offer thoughtfully crafted journeys through an artist’s catalog. Featuring tracks from each release, these collections offer a panoramic overview of the musical paths an artist has traveled so far, and a new perspective on the creative threads that weave through each artist’s work.

released July 19, 2018


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