Convergence is an imaginative collaboration by Deborah Martin, Greg Klamt and Mark Rownd. With its impressive array of acoustic percussion and melodic instruments combined with lush atmospheres, it is a virtual gallery of sound sculptures which reveals the spirit of many diverse cultural influences. These merged styles yield inspired melodies, textures, and space.

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 Jim Brenholts, EER Music

Convergence is an awesome recording that features the
formidable talents of Deborah Martin, Greg Klamt
and Mark Rownd – three Spotted Peccary stalwarts.
It is, succinctly, an instant ambient classic.

The combinations of ethnic percussion and winds with modern
electronics and processes create deep atmospheres that take
listeners ‘out there.’ The atmospheres roll into soundscapes
that float through the synapses of the brain. The gentle rhythms
hook straight to the pulse of the body as focused listeners enter
their Zen states of total – well – convergence.

This is a true gem and an absolutely essential CD!

Bert Strolenberg, Sonic Immersion

Convergence’ is the imaginative outcome of live concert performances of three accomplished musicians who all release their music through Spotted Peccary Music: Deborah Martin, Greg Klamt and Mark Rownd.

The 55-minute album features some quiet, lush and ethereal textural pads which are nicely blended with Taos drums, various flutes and assorted acoustic percussion. It all leads to varied, atmospheric and overall dreamy ambient music drenched in serenity and with beautiful cinematic undercurrents.
For me, ‘Blue Lake’ (containing a slight touch of Andreas Vollenweider) and the closing track ‘Tibet’ (nicely roaming in David Parsons territory) are the real highlights here.

The lush impressionist narratives on this overall pleasing instrumental album shine even more due to the impeccable sound and high production quality as we know it from the guys from Spotted Peccary.

‘Convergence’ is highly recommended.

Sarah Tomblin, Amazing Sounds

In this recording collaboration of Deborah Martin, Greg Klamt and Mark Rownd, we find a symphony of crystaline Ambient, ethnic reminiscences that mainly point at the native traditions of Noth America, and diverse elements more or less identifiable with the contribution of each one of the three artists. All this takes us into a refreshing voyage to magic worlds and far away eras.

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