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Deborah Martin Performs:

Watercolours,  Tracks In Time, and Forgot In Stone

Deborah’s first three original compositions for the Spotted Peccary Music label were the cornerstone of a special compilation project released in 1994 titled “Tracks In Time”, and were available only on that release. Contributing the title track and two additional themed compositions, the out of print CD captured the essence of the New American Southwest sound at the time.

Now reintroduced for the first time in over 20 years, Deborah’s timeless musical visions spring forth once again to conjure up the whisper of ancient times and memories of long ago civilizations. The tracks are comprised of ambient electro-acoustic melodies with symphonic overtones and rhythms providing impressionistic and dramatic nuances with earthy provocative and folksy dreamlike soundscapes.

A definite precursor to Deborah’s future releases throughout her years on the Spotted Peccary Music label, both old and new fans of her music will most certainly want to add this EP to their collection.

artist notation “When the colours of the water were found, the painting began . . .”
for Marie Stile Zelano and Joseph Zelano

rhythm guitars, keyboards, percussion – Deborah Martin
lead guitar – Bruce Fitzsimmons
additional keyboards – Jon Jenkins
drums – Flame Habenicht
electric guitar – Howard Givens

Tracks In Time
artist notation “There are many roads to travel, and the world is so big . . .”
for Theodore and Germaine Stile

lyrics – Deborah Martin
guitars, keyboards, vocals – Deborah Martin
additional vocals – Jon Jenkins

Forgot In Stone
artist notation “. . . and great spirits walked the earth leaving their mark upon the stone so they would not be forgotten . . .”
for Michelle Thomas and Christina Thomas – that all of their dreams will become reality

keyboards, synths – Deborah Martin

About the artist:
Deborah Martin’s abilities as a vocalist and songwriter enable her to combine scenic melodies, rich symphonic sounds and rhythmic structures to recreate the delicate balance of life in its many surroundings.


As was done with last year’s installment, the 2016 roundup of artists’ picks supplements the notion of favourite musical choices with things that made life worth living and brought the individuals in question joy. We are deeply indebted to those who contributed to the article and thank them not only for their generosity but for the countless hours of pleasure their music brought us in 2016.  Textura

Deborah Martin (#6 eps / singles: Etched Into Memory, Spotted Peccary Music)

I welcome this time of year and am thankful for many blessings—friendships old and new, simple pleasures of home and family, and anticipation of what the New Year may bring. With all the changes occurring in the world, it’s sometimes challenging to keep focus on what the real values in life are. For me value is the opportunity to be of service to others. I wish for everyone the beauty and tranquility of the season and may each of you find the joy and peace in your value.

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