August 2023

InterContinental Music Awards 2023 Finalists

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all the entrants who participated in the InterContinental Music Awards 2023 competition. We are pleased to announce all the Finalists for best of every continent! Finalists are now in the final round of the contest and the winners will be announced on August 27

“Abundant Time [Stemiostratamos]” by Desensitized – United States

“Sleep of Innocents [Embulata]” by Desensitized – United States

“Ionic Realms [Victronomy Plubonius]” by Desensitized – United States

July 2023

Here is the link to our interview on The Morning Breeze:

June 2023

Desensitized (Deborah Martin & Dean De Benedicitis) were awarded second place in the 10th One World Music Radio Awards:

March 2023

For the month of March Bill Fox on Galactic Travels will feature the music of Deborah Martin.  Turn in and listen to a great show by Bill Fox.

June 2022

Jill and I thank you for your support with our music, The Silence of Grace released last year, and we would love to meet and chat with you at the Watch Party. You are invited.

May 2018

The Zone Music Reporter has an award event each year in New Orleans and Deborah attended this May to mix with fellow artists and represent her label, Spotted Peccary Music, with four label artists nominated.  ZMR is the premier Record Charting site for radio airplay reports in the New Age, World, Solo Piano, Acoustic Instrumental, Ambient, Celtic, Chill, Contemporary Instrumental, Electronic, Folk, Jazz, Meditative/Healing, Neuvo-Classical, Native American, Relaxation, and Instrumental genres.


ZMR Award to Steve Roach for Lifetime Achievement:

Even the most famous occasionally fall ill and accepting for Steve Roach is fellow recording artist and long time friend, Deborah Martin with Spotted Peccary Music.  Congratulations Steve!

The famous giant drum

from the story in the

above video

Artists at work:




December 2017

Deborah Martin with fellow Spotted Peccary artist Dean De Benedictis enjoying time in Deborah’s newly remodeled studio discussing and sharing project ideas.

February & March 2016

a3880721288_16Special EP release on Bandcamp

Watercolours, Tracks in Time & Forgot in Stone

Check out Spotted Peccary Bandcamp page



 October 2nd 2015

Release event and artist signing for Eye of the Wizard


The Age of Wizardry is upon us. Transport yourself to Music Millennium for an hour in the tower with your fellow freaks donning their finest & strangest Wizard apparel. Come dressed up or down for an hour of wizardry including costume judging with special prizes for the best and most unusual apparel, gift bags to the first 50 to appear, and the chance to meet spellbinding ambient / electro-acoustic artist Deborah Martin (who releases her Spotted Peccary Music Eye Of The Wizard CD.)

Experience the magic. For fans of Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings!

cbkDare to appear

Tuesday October 6, 2015

Music Millennium

3158 East Burnside,

Portland, OR from 7:00 – 8:00PM.

April 3rd 2015

Release of 20th anniversary special edition of remastered “Under the Moon”

September 14th 2010

Release of special remastered edition of “Deep Roots, Hidden Water”

September 8th 2009

Release of “Between Worlds”

April 10th 2007

Release of “Anno Domini”

May 4th 2004

Release of “Tibet”

May 7th 2002

Release of “Convergence”

May 1st 1999

Release of original “Deep Roots, Hidden Water”

October 1st 1998

Release of “Ancient Power”

October 10th 1995

Release of original “Under the Moon”